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Intranets and Extranets (B2B)

Sprint, for communication solutions.
Sprint PCS, wireless telephones and nationwide service.
Sprint North Supply, wholesale distributor of integrated solutions.
Applebee's restaurant.
Trabon Paris Printing, Design and Solutions Company.
Colgate-Palmolive, oral and household care.
VML, agents of change.
Columbia Energy Group, one of the nation's largest fully integrated energy systems.
Columbia Energy, offering the widest arrays of energy services in the industry.
Reduce your energy costs with Energy Help.
Eureka Silver Company, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry.
          Examples of private extranets and intranets are only viewable by screen captures and hard copy portfolios to ensure confidentiality and proprietary information.  Links above are to the public Internet websites of the companies.

URLs/Web Sites

Colgate-Palmolive, oral and household care.
Sprint North Supply, Wholesale distributor of integrated solutions.
Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club, Serving alcohol since 1925 ... Legally since 1934!
Wornall Park, New Prairie Style Detail meets the 21st Century!
Helen Lea Gallery, Kansas City acrylic painter.
Expert Automation, Offering all sorts of services needed to create a web presence.
Certified Public Accountant, Accounting Done Right, Done Fast (serving the USA).
Barb's Healing Hands, Physical Therapy in Washington (serving the Seattle area).
Leaf It Liz, Liz's Landscapes and Custom Designs (serving the Midwest).
Eureka Silver Company, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry from Mexico.

Logo Design
kc art gallery
Flash Design
Kansas City Art Gallery


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